About Us

Photographing love stories across the United States and beyond.

 Raw, unfiltered, real, romantic, messy, perfect, gorgeous, moments. That’s what we live for.

We are KCP Collective, and we love LOVE.

Bringing high quality artists and beautiful couples together to create magic.

What sets KCP Collective apart?

Your style IS our style!

This is your day. Your decor, your dress, your cake.. all decorated and chosen to fit  YOUR style. But what about your photos? We believe that your photos should reflect you as the bride and groom. We believe that you should be able to pick an artist who’s photos will flow cohesively when printed hung in your living room. As we document your day, everything will be a beautiful representation of you why should your photos be any different?!

KCP Collective is under the ownership and direction of Kristin Carrigan

Kristin Carrigan

I’m Kristin and I love, love. I also LOVE photos. I remember as a kid always being truly intrigued by photos. I could sit down cross-legged on the floor and go through albums and photos I had seen a million times and still be fascinated every time. Thats what this is really all about. YOU. HIM. And your fascination for each other. That first time feeling all over again. Not only for you to feel it but for you to remember that feeling. For you to remember how nervous you were as your mom put on your heirloom necklace and your Dad saw his baby as a woman for the first time. For you to preserve the memory of your husband seeing you walking down that aisle as the tears rolled down his face. For your grand kids to walk in to your house one day and them to say “Dang, my grandparents were HOT!”


There are a few things you should know about me:

I am a Jesus Lover first and foremost!
I am a Wife and a Mommy to both… that’s right….red heads!! (HELP- The sass is REAL!!!!)
I literally can talk to anyone and make friends wherever I go!
There is a high chance that I will be shouting about how gorgeous you are at your session (because you are!!!!)
I’m obsessed with all things love. All the way down to Hershey Kisses.. oh and speaking of food….
Tacos… Need I say more?!
I can’t go a day without coffee (I’m too scared to test this theory, so for everyone’s safety I’ll keep drinking it)
I’m obsessed with backlit photos, and have a contrasty,and moody style with a fun twist- It’s light not dark!

 We’d love to learn more about YOU!